pro clima Certified Installer Training

Get recognised for your professional expertise in the application of high-performance weathertightness and airtightness solutions. Certification allows you to offer a complete installation service and gives architects and project managers confidence in your expertise.


There is an increasing demand for specialised installation services of building envelope products and materials. Our training will certify and promote you as a professional installer of Pro Clima membranes, tapes and accessories.

The best installers have a good understand of why weathertightness and airtightness is important. In this programme, you’ll learn some of the science of moisture and vapour control. You’ll also gain hands-on experience of the whole range of Pro Clima solutions. 

Once you’ve completed the programme, you will become a Certified Pro Clima Installer. As a Certified Installer, you’ll be listed on our directory and will be provided with branding to promote your specialist services.


Day 1



Tools and materials

A hands-on introduction to the whole pro clima product range.

Building science

  • Basic heat and moisture flow in buildings
  • Temperature, humidity, vapour and condensation
  • Airtightness – where it’s good and why

Material properties



Fundamental properties of high-performance building envelope products, including:

  • Non-porous vs porous & monolithic
  • Vapour permeance
  • Water control
  • Sd value
  • MVTR-value

Control layers

Identification of weathertightness, insulation and airtightness layer key details.

Key Connections

Practical tips for installing products in critical locations, including:

  • Mid-floor connections
  • Floor connections
  • Penetrations




How to install windows:

  • Standard NZ windows
  • Thermally broken aluminium-framed windows
  • High performance uPVC & timber-framed windows


Day 2 



Area & Volume

  • Simple area/volume calculation

Self-adhesive membranes

  • SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® installation tips and tricks

Fenster box challenge

  • Practical airtightness

Quality control

  • Blower Door practical demonstration
  • Thermal imagery

Specialist products

  • Retrofitting with DASATOP®
  • SIP, Masonry, warm roof and strawbale applications
  • Liquid applied membranes (NEW)

Being a pro clima Certified Installer

  • Estimating and ordering pro clima products
  • Logistics and account management
  • Your Installer Directory listing
  • Benefits and obligations

 *Exact content is subject to change

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