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WUFI® Fundamentals (1D)

You will be provided with an introduction to the science of coupled heat and moisture analysis and material properties. Participants will learn what hygrothermal modelling and WUFI® software is capable of, become confident to request an analysis from a practitioner and will become able to understand the results of modelling.

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WUFI® Advanced (2D)

You will be provided with competency in two-dimensional hygrothermal modelling of building structures using WUFI® 2D. Participants will become able to set up and run a WUFI® 2D simulation of a building structure such as a wall-floor connection. They will also be able to interpret and present the results of the simulation.

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WUFI® & Wine

What exactly is WUFI® software and why is it so beneficial? Join us for a relaxed drink and a brief introduction to hygrothermal modelling. This is a great opportunity to decide if one of our WUFI® training courses is right for you.

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